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Bridge of Hope is a 12-24 month program designed to assist families facing homelessness (typically a woman with children under 18) achieve family stability. We believe this includes safe and sustainable housing, strong and resilient families and supportive relationships with Neighboring Volunteers.

For more information about the Bridge of Hope program and the services offered, contact Ben Lepper at 616-588-8779 or

Our Model

Bridge of Hope is a three-way partnership between:

  • A Family Facing Homelessness (typically a single mother with two children)
  • One trained group of 6-10 Neighboring Volunteers
  • A Case Manager who trains and equips Neighboring Volunteers and provides services for each family facing homelessness.


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Our Model

Stories of Hope

Nayr's Story

Nayr’s life had hit a dead end. Despite a full-time job, she was stuck, living out of their car with no prospects of improvement save one: Bridge of Hope. Participation would require her to let down her guard and trust others, she knew. Would Nayr, who prided herself for her independence, be able to open up and accept help?

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